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Regenerative Medicine and Skeleton - équipe REGOS

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Inserm UMR 1229 "Regenerative Medicine and Skeleton" (RMeS) is made of two independent research teams (REJOINT and REGOS) surrounded by 6 technological platforms and shared administrative departments. A full organigramme of the RMeS unit can be found at

Part of the REGOS team is based at the University of Angers, forming the group SMILE, that stands for "Skeleton-Muscle-Intestine crosstaLk and innovative thErapeutics" and regroups experts in various aspect of bone physiopatholology. This research unit is composed of clinicians and scientists whose primary expertise resides in rheumatology, orthopaedic and maxillo-facial surgeries, bone pathology and cell biology.

The REGOS team is part of the research federation "Cellular interactions and therapeutic applications" - University of Angers. 



The main theme of the REGOS team at University of Angers focuses on bone quality in fragile osteopathies with two main sub-themes: